[geeklog-devel] Email Throttling (was GSoC 2008:Core notification service)

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Wed Mar 19 11:03:32 EDT 2008

Mailman which like most opensource projects is even used to manage this 
list for email distribution and suspect every hosting service has it 
setup. The main objective of the mailman project as I've scoped is to 
use the Mailman API (still under development) to create and manage the 
lists. Could this be used or extended to plugins to use the Mailman 
services - sure but that was not in the initial scope.

We first need to be able to create and manage the full feature set of 
lists and if we can do that as a plugin inside GL then we have 
accomplished a lot and would open up a lot of areas to expand on.

BTW: The mailman project was not accepted by Google and I've contacted 
Bruce (Mailman lead) who was anxious before to collaborate if he is 
still willing.


Konstantin Mikhaylov wrote:
>> That integration to mail man project on the GSoC should perhaps
>>  include this then. Or be complemented by it. Have the ability to sign
>>  people wanting email notification to various lists and just send one
>>  email to that list...
> It seems to be part of the project for notification manager too. if
> user wants to see emails about all new stories or all new comments
> then his email address will be automaticaly subscibed to a special
> list using API devleoped in mailman project
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