[geeklog-devel] SQL Server 2005 - MSSQL Driver

Kevin J. Peno kevin at metalaxe.com
Mon May 5 13:10:46 EDT 2008

Hello, thanks for all the responses. The issue isn't windows and CVS,
it's vista's UAC verses TortoiseCVS (or winCVS which I've also tried).
It is mostly a matter of finding all of the files that I need to allow
admin on as they run. Once I've narrowed it down I can start to commit.
Right now I'm just getting crashes and errors all over.

I wish I could pop in small patches, but honestly there is just too much
work that has been done. Also, everything that I do has to go through MS
(QA) for approval before I give it to you, so It would be a serious
waste of time for us to go back and forth for months. I spent 2 days in
the first week completely starting over the driver honestly. There are
just a couple of more bugs I want to fix up (and some memory issues to
clean up) then I'll start the process. I think that going through and
finishing up what I've got going (mostly just fixing the installation
problems now) so that I know everything is working, and then committing
for help bug fixing the rest of the program is going to be the best for
all of us. I also think it would be good in order to meet your next
release if possible.



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>  >and have completely re-written the your  >abstraction file to work 
> with the new driver, as well as cleaned up a  >good amount of the 
> code, SQL batch for the install. Currently I'm at the  >point of 
> fixing some issues with addslashes spread throughout the code  >that 
> is causing a lot of compatibility issues.

Might I suggest submitting some initial patches to the list so we can
incorporate things? I've been working on the MSSQL in spare lunch time
at work (where my machine is powerful enough to actually run SQL
Server...) don't want to duplicate effort too much!

>  >I haven't been able to
>  >get a CVS system working well yet, so I'm unable to commit, but  
> >hopefully that will be resolved soon so that you can all take a look 
> and  >do some testing.
>  I'm not on Windows, but many people here are. Surely it can't be that

> hard to get a CVS client working on Windows? What exactly isn't 
> working  for you?

It takes about 2 seconds.

Download TortoiseCVS:

Install, reboot.

Right click in a folder, select CVS Checkout.

Protocol - Secure Shell (:ext:)
Server - CVS.geeklog.net
Repository Folder: /cvsroot/geeklog
Username: anonymous
Module: Geeklog-1.x
(see attached screenshot, noticing carefully that I put the wrong bloody
username in)

Click OK
Accept the fingerprint of the host.
When prompted for password, it's geeklog.

Whilst that checksout, you probably also want to install winmerge:

For creating patches etc easily.

Any issues getting it working, drop me a line, I'm working on Windows
with CVS/Apache/PHP/MySQL/Winmerge etc all running in windows.



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