[geeklog-devel] Configuration screen

Joe Mucchiello joe at throwingdice.com
Tue May 6 22:37:18 EDT 2008

Several things should be done on this screen:

The full "admin menu" should be list below the other navigation. So 
that if you are looking at the stories config, you can jump straight 
to story admin or topic admin.

Microsummary should be in stories and trackback since microsummaries 
only apply to index.php. (Arguably it should go in Stories right next 
to Hide Main Page Navigation? since neither applies to anything 
except index.php)

What does "Restore" mean? There's no help for that. If I hit Restore 
on copyright year, it gives me an entry box with 2008. If you empty 
the box and save, you still have an empty box. Shouldn't you get 
"Restore" back?

Paths should be after Site and before Mail. Mail should probably be 
its own page (especially after the GSOC notification project).

The ?'s should really be hovers, not links that open a new window..

Theme | Menu Elements -- There should be a simple way to arrange the 
order of those elements

Why are Users and Submissions | Submission Settings not with Stories 
and Trackbacks. Story Submission Queue? List Draft Stories? Default 
Post Mode Post Speed Limit -- they all look story related.

Languages: I can create a configuration with 3 language files and 2 
languages. Not good. If I delete all language config, it does not 
return to Restore.

Same thing with TimeZone. How do I get back to the Default?

Notifications: When you add an element, shouldn't there be a dropdown 
box for what you can add?

This is ugly. Shouldn't the language files be hacked in some manner 
so that Story Default Permissions[0] displays as Owner's Permissions?
Story Default Permission
Story Default Permissions[0] No access Read-Only Read-Write
Story Default Permissions[1] No access Read-Only Read-Write
Story Default Permissions[2] No access Read-Only Read-Write
Story Default Permissions[3] No access Read-Only Read-Write

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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