[geeklog-devel] SQL Server 2005 - MSSQL Driver

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat May 17 13:00:36 EDT 2008

Kevin J. Peno wrote:

>I wasn't the one that proposed it. There had been mention of having 2
>MSSQL drivers released, with separate options upon install.

I guess I was the one proposing that then ;-)

>I was
>wondering if this is something you guys wanted to pursue or if you just
>want one driver option for MSSQL during installation.

If I understand things correctly, then your driver will require PHP
5.2.6 and MS SQL Server 2005 whereas Randy's will also work with older
versions of PHP and MS SQL Server.

Assuming those are all the differences. You did mention changes in other
areas of Geeklog initially ...

So to me (as someone with zero experience with MS SQL Server ...) it
would make sense to have both available to attract a wider audience.

Or am I completely off course here and MS SQL users are more likely to
upgrade so it's not worth the effort?

bye, Dirk


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