[geeklog-devel] geeklog.net on 1.5.0 - and a db problem

Jerry Rocteur macosx at rocteur.cc
Sun May 25 07:03:13 EDT 2008

* Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> [2008-05-25 11:59]:
> So geeklog.net is now running on 1.5.0. Thanks to everyone who helped in
> the final spurt during the last few days.
> If you notice any problems on geeklog.net, let me know ASAP. Thanks.
> I ran into one problem: MySQL complained about the "urlfor" field in
> gl_tokens. It's a VARCHAR field and at least in MySQL 4.0, those are
> still restricted to 255 characters.
> I've patched it in CVS for now. Suggestions on how to proceed?
> bye, Dirk


Great stuff for 1.5.0, I'm looking forward to updating my sites. 

I can't believe that nobody tried to jazz up geeklog.net for 1.5.0 a little bit, it is still the same boring old theme. Just to celebrate 1.50 ??

geeklog.net is the showroom of Geeklog, unbelievable !

Are Geeklog developers so un artistic and/or boring ?

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