[geeklog-devel] geeklog.net on 1.5.0 - and a db problem

Mark Howard mark at the-howards.net
Sun May 25 11:53:15 EDT 2008

Hi Dirk -

Would declaring the fieldtype as TEXT provide data value compatibility?  

While not as cool as it could be, fields of type TEXT are ostensibly
equivalent to VARCHAR, with the following differences:

From: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/blob.html

--- excerpt ---

In most respects, you can regard a BLOB  column as a VARBINARY column that
can be as large as you like. Similarly, you can regard a TEXT column as a
VARCHAR  column. BLOB and TEXT  differ from VARBINARY and VARCHAR in the
following ways:


      There is no trailing-space removal for BLOB and TEXT columns when
values are stored or retrieved. Before MySQL 5.0.3, this differs from
VARBINARY and VARCHAR, for which trailing spaces are removed when values are

      On comparisons, TEXT is space extended to fit the compared object,
exactly like CHAR and VARCHAR.

      For indexes on BLOB and TEXT columns, you must specify an index prefix
length. For CHAR and VARCHAR, a prefix length is optional. See Section
7.4.3, "Column Indexes".

      BLOB and TEXT columns cannot have DEFAULT values.

LONG and LONG VARCHAR map to the MEDIUMTEXT data type. This is a
compatibility feature. If you use the BINARY attribute with a TEXT data
type, the column is assigned the binary collation of the column character

MySQL Connector/ODBC defines BLOB values as LONGVARBINARY and TEXT values as

--- cut here ---

Also - I have this link in my favorite MySQL bookmarks:


Not sure how this approach would applu to MSSQL, it requires additional
research, which doesn't make sense to do if this doesn't work for you in
MySQL.  ;^)

Best regards.


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So geeklog.net is now running on 1.5.0. Thanks to everyone who helped in
the final spurt during the last few days.

If you notice any problems on geeklog.net, let me know ASAP. Thanks.

I ran into one problem: MySQL complained about the "urlfor" field in
gl_tokens. It's a VARCHAR field and at least in MySQL 4.0, those are
still restricted to 255 characters.

I've patched it in CVS for now. Suggestions on how to proceed?

bye, Dirk


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