[geeklog-devel] For my friend, Vinny

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu May 29 16:57:45 EDT 2008

Lol, so we are getting serious for the GL2 alpha and the ACL stuff is mostly done minus one real PITA.  For reference there's been this page:


So we've done some incarnation of everything there minus the last section called:

"Selecting Multiple Items Based on Permissions"

Any chance you have the "how" part of that?  My brain is hurting.  Why:

Groups can be tied in a complex web (not necessarily hierarchical).  For example

Group B belongs to Group A
Group C belongs to Group B
Group 2 belongs to Group 1
Group 3 belongs to Group 2
Group 3 belongs to Group B

That's a worst case scenario but me-thinks it'd be awful hard to do in SQL.


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