[geeklog-devel] Automated Testing framework for Geeklog and its features: abstract

Ishesh Murarka ishesh at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 03:36:36 EDT 2009

Pl let me know if my understanding of the topic is correct

Application for summer of code 2009

 Name: Ishesh Murarka (ishesh at gmail.com)

 Project: Automated Testing framework for Geeklog and its features


 Testing is a very important phase of development which is usually
overlooked or paid less attention to. It is not always possible for the
developers to involve themselves in the testing phase. So a solution is to
automatize the testing phase as much possible.

This automated software testing can be implemented using a test autimation
framework like the one's listed on the ideas wiki page of geeklog. Of these
and the many others available under the open source licenses I would prefer
the use of Selenium which is a complete testing framework IDE in itself, can
be easily integrated to work with the browser, can generate the test codes
in a number of languages.

Another brilliant feature of Selenium is the Selenium Grid which can
distribute the test computation over multiple servers, either remote or
local, thus making large tests take lesser time. These features make
Selenium an obvious choice for the test framework for Geeklog.

Unit testing can be implemented at the function level by writing client code
that exercises the units under test and uses assertions, exception handling
or other control flow mechanisms to signal failure while using the PHPUnit
test framework features simultaneously. Again PHPUnit is a better framework
for unit testing php code as it has support for both xUnit and Test Anything

The front-end functioanlity test has to be done for the various browsers,
including Firefox, IE, Safari and others. These can be done using the
Selenium IDE which would work as an add-on with the Mozilla FireFox browser.

Ishesh Murarka
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