[geeklog-devel] Bug 0000775 - proposed solution

Sean Clark sc1245 at messiah.edu
Fri Apr 10 22:50:56 EDT 2009

Alright, I've put in some conditions and implemented them where needed as
$cal_templates variables, but I'll need to test it out to make sure things
are going as planned. 

Another question though (sorry about being this needy): in the dayview
section, if you view the source, there's a whole horde of links that end in
submit.php. I'd assume we don't need to worry about 'nofollowing' these, or
anything else ending with a submit.php since they only exist long enough to
update calendar information; but the assumptions of a Geeklog noob often go

The majority of links are correctly 'nofollowed' with just a basic function,
but the ones lurking in the templates aren't so easy... so I want to make
sure I'm still on the right track.


>>> "Dirk Haun" <dirk at haun-online.de> 04/10/09 6:20 PM >>>
Sean Clark wrote:

>So what I'm asking is whether running the variables that are assigned to
>$cal_templates around line 550 through a conditional statement, and then
>having the templates use a resulting $relnofollow variable would work. 

Since our old templating system doesn't have support for conditions -
yes, that's probably the best solution here.

>Also, where should I define the $_CA_CONF variable? I saw them used in a
>spots, but wasn't sure where they get assigned.

That's the magic of our configuration class at work :)

For a fresh install, add them to plugins/calendar/install_defaults.php.

A $c->add('blah', ..., 'calendar'); would end up creating a
$_CA_CONF['blah'] entry.

bye, Dirk


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