[geeklog-devel] Solution for Bug 0000692

Maciej Cupiał maciej.cupial at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:22:45 EDT 2009


I thought it was more appropriate to send bugfixes to the bugtracker,
but since every GSoC candidate sends them here...

This one isn't even worth sending a patch. Someone just set the
selectionArray value to 0 instead of 18, which stands for the proper
available values for this option in the language files.

1) For existing installations, just change the 'selectionArray' value
to 18 in the 'censormode' option, in the DB

2) As of the next release, change the 315-th line of
public_html/admin/install/config-install.php from:




3) Add the following lines to the DB migration files (it's impossible
to use the config singleton, since it's only capable of updating the
value of an option):


$_SQL[]= "UPDATE `{$_TABLES['conf_values']}` SET `selectionArray` =
'18' WHERE `name` = 'censormode'";


$_SQL[]= "UPDATE {$_TABLES['conf_values']} SET selectionArray = '18'
WHERE name = 'censormode'";

Also, I have recently sent a GL prototype with a new story flag and
haven't got any feedback yet - please comment.

Pozdrawiam, Maciej Cupiał

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