[geeklog-devel] Meta Tags in Geeklog and 3 Poll Autotags

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Aug 23 11:51:22 EDT 2009

Hi all,


A few of my updates to Geeklog 1.6.1 have now been committed into Mercurial
so I just wanted to inform everyone what they are about.


I have added 3 autotags to the poll plugin:


[poll: pid title] 

- Displays a link to a poll using the Poll Topic as the title if not


[poll-vote: pid class:poll-autotag showall:1] 

- Displays a poll within a story, etc.. that allows users to vote. Behaves
exactly the same as the poll block (i.e. if user has voted then they see
just the results).

-  If poll is closed then a message will be displayed along with poll

- Class specifies the css class to use. Defaults to poll-autotag if not

- Showall if set to 1, shows all poll questions. Defaults to 0 if not


[poll-result: pid class:poll-autotag] - 

- Similar to the above tag except it just displays the results (percentage).

- Class specifies the css class to use. Defaults to poll-autotag if not


I do plan on updating this plugin in the future. I want to add the ability
to allow the poll results to display bars instead of a percentage for



I also added in the ability to add Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords to
Geeklog itself, stories and staticpages.  In the Geeklog Configuration you
now can enabled meta tags and include a default description and keyword
list. These defaults can be used just for the homepage or on any page where
there are no meta tags found. When creating a story or staticpage you will
also now be allowed to specify a Meta Description and Meta Keywords.


Plugin Developers can now safely include meta tags in the headercode
variable of COM_siteHeader without the risk of duplication as the default
geeklog metatags are only used when others are not present. To add meta tags
Plugin Developers can call COM_createMetaTags and pass in a description and
keyword list they want to use for the page.  The function will return the
proper html formatted code which then can be added to the headercode
variable when COM_siteHeader is used by the plugin.


I am currently in the midst of adding these meta tags to Geeklog topics.






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