[geeklog-devel] FCKeditor integration

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Aug 31 01:54:26 EDT 2009

Vincent Furia wrote:

>I think the ideal solution would be for all uploads to wind up outside the
>web root or in a "closed" directory (i.e. not allowing downloads). Then we
>can have some php pass through scripts that control access to uploads.

Our download class can already serve files from outside the webroot. If
you move the images directory, getimage.php will automatically be used
to serve images for articles, userphotos, and topics.

So apart from the access control, we can already do that.

>The pass through scripts could would only allow access to files that were
>approved, and only to users who have the correct permissions to
>view/download the content.

The problem with this is that FCKeditor would need to know about it.
When you upload an image, for example, it uses <img> tags to embed it.
So we would either need to modify FCKeditor (not likely to happen) or
disable its upload feature entirely and do it all outselves ...

bye, Dirk


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