[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-cvs] geeklog: Implemented Search Improvements

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Feb 3 14:00:15 EST 2009

Hey Sami,

>changeset: 6757:6db77ef26a37
>user:      Sami Barakat
>date:      Mon Feb 02 23:04:14 2009 +0000
>Implemented Search Improvements

Ah, excellent :)

As you may have seen, I've already started to poke around in the code a
bit. I tried to get it working with error_reporting(E_ALL) but ran into
some code that I didn't understand and so I decided to leave that to you ;-)

Some other observations:

- I sometimes get SQL errors due to negative values for the limit, e.g.
LIMIT 0,-76

- I sometimes get empty results that look like this:

 7.  Not available...
Not available...
by   on 01. Jan, 01:00 Uhr - Site Content Search - 0 Hits

Where the headline links to
and the "Site Content Search" links to

Not sure where those are coming from.

- It seems Links, Events, and Static Pages are missing the author: The
search result only shows "by", followed by some blanks (as in the
"empty" example above, only with proper links to the actual result this time).

- Links to events have the &query parameter twice:

- For Events, the date and time always seems to be 01/01 01:33am, for
some reason.

Do you still have the copy of the geeklog.net database? Try searching
for "geeklog", "froscon", or "handful", to see some of those issues.

The "empty" results and SQL errors were with a copy of the database for
the company website that I don't have here. I'll try to dig a bit deeper
again at work, when I find the time.

Okay, that's quite some list. So let me add that I like what I see. It
looks much better and, to the casual visitor, should make much more
sense then results grouped by plugin. Looking forward to have that on
geeklog.net :-)

bye, Dirk


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