[geeklog-devel] RFC: Simplifying PLG_itemSaved

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jan 17 13:42:17 EST 2009

Website Master wrote:

>How about a PLG_itemDelete, PLG_itemEdit  which will notify plugins and
>Geeklog about delete or edits of stories and other plugins objects.

A "delete" would certainly make sense. PLG_itemSaved will be called on
edit, too. Would that be enough?

>While we are the topic some mods to PLG_getItemInfo would be helpful in the

Some extensions will be coming in 1.6.0:


>some plugins also need information about what table the plugin object(s) is
>stored in, the name of the id field(s) and security information.

Not sure if it's a good idea to let plugins mess with other plugin's
tables. The actual information you're after should be routed through
PLG_getItemInfo instead, IMO.

>Also some
>plugins have multiple object types, the current API does not handle this. As
>example the forum has topics and messages.

Okay, so the $type is actually the name of the plugin. I don't see why
the forum plugin couldn't provide information about topics through
PLG_getItemInfo, though.

>Also it would be a good idea to get the Universal Plugin Toolkit up to speed
>once everything has been figured out so people know about these APIs (along
>with the core plugins).

I guess providing a plugin skeleton would help. That should not be based
on the plugin API, though, but be rewritten from the ground up to use
autoinstall.php and all the nice new APIs.

The most important help, however, would be updated documentation. Any

bye, Dirk


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