[geeklog-devel] Plugin repository (was: RFC: Plugin auto install)

Matt West matt.danger.west at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 18:04:18 EST 2009

A plugin repository is an excellent idea for several reasons:

- It centralizes the location of plugins. Users would be able to go  
and browse through 1 central location for plugins, either from within  
the Geeklog plugin administration area or through the Geeklog.net site.
- It could allow us to better standardize plugin structures and  
possibly update the plugin development guidelines.

The only downsides that I can think of is that we would be adding  
another hosting service that may carry an additional cost and require  
additional administration. How will the plugin hosting process work?

We may want to think about a moderation process for the public  
repository to try and mitigate any malicious plugins. I think the way  
that Adium manages plugins and add-ons works well:


Plugin authors need to register with the site (we could just use  
Geeklog.net accounts) and plugins are reviewed after they're uploaded.  
My experience when submitting my own plugins has been a 6 hour to 1  
day wait. I consider this reasonable.

I think this could be extended for Themes as well.

On Jan 19, 2009, at 2:14 PM, Dirk Haun wrote:

> Blaine Lang wrote:
>> I have an idea now for SOC 2009: Implement a REST based plugin DEPOT
>> service and we can host the plugins on geeklog.net (or other  
>> locations).
>> Add blocks to this service adn we will have a way for sites to  
>> explore
>> and add components online and query if updates are available - like
>> firefox does.
> First draft:
>    http://wiki.geeklog.net/wiki/index.php/SoC_plugin_repository
> bye, Dirk
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