[geeklog-devel] Suggestion: simple mode

1000ideen at gmx.de 1000ideen at gmx.de
Thu Jan 29 16:27:17 EST 2009

I made several feature requests over the last 3 years, almost all of them were about usability and almost all of them have been discussed on the forum. I rewrote them now in the new bug tracker and added a few:

http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=721 Select cookie 
http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=155 permalink
http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=192 routing
http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=157 mail users
http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=152 topic.delete
http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=191 user.mass.delete

Tabs for the static page editor sounds good to me but also better wording. E.g. "add to horizontal menu" instead of "add to menu" or what is a block template...

Anyway, is there any case that an owner will tick off his own right to edit or read his stories or static page? Shouldn`t the first two tick boxes be greyed out?

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