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cordiste cordiste at free.fr
Tue Mar 10 17:38:18 EDT 2009

Hi Aleksandar,

Banner management is a good idea and custom contact can be a nice
feature. A PM plugin exists (see portalparts.com and the glMessenger,
one day Blaine will be releasing glMessenger as unrestricted

Welcome to you and Saurabh.


2009/3/10 Aleksandar Scepanovic <ascepanovic at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I am also planning to participate...
> This will be my first participation in GSoC. However what I am planning to
> develop is not listed on Geeklog ideas page...
> My mission is to develop 2 plugins for Geeklog and I really believe that
> this plugins can be very useful for Geeklog users. Shortly... goal is to
> create custom contact plugin and banner managment plugin because in my
> oppinion this is something what Geeklog must have.
> I will submit detail information about me and of course about things that I
> am planning to develop in my project proposal.
> I want to here from other Geeklog developers, is this something what can be
> GSoC project!? And am I wrong when I say that this are the things that
> Geeklog users needs?!
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:
>> saurabh gupta wrote:
>> >Hello everyone
>> Hi there and thanks for your interest :)
>> >*I have downloaded geeklog latest version and set up a site and used its
>> >features. I have seen the geeklog source code documentation and found the
>> >work according to my interest and skills.
>> Sounds good. You may also want to have a look at the current development
>> version for Geeklog 1.6, since that's what you would be working on. It
>> differs from 1.5.2 in quite a few places.
>> >*1) Plugin Repository feature:*
>> >I went through this idea and did some research on it. To implement a
>> > plugin
>> >repository facility to be installed using internet requires some package
>> >management system along with the dependencies and conflicts resolutions.
>> So far, our plugins are usually self-contained, so there aren't really
>> any dependencies to resolve. But you're right, that could become an
>> issue in the future.
>> Btw, I suspect this project will be very popular, so expect some
>> competition there :-)
>> >*2) Spam-X modification *
>> >This idea is also an interesting one and more intelligence can be put to
>> > the
>> >spam filter tool with some known and existing algorithms.
>> Please note that the focus of the project, as described in the wiki, is
>> on making the Admin's life easier, not so much on adding new filter
>> options.
>> Of course, if you have some good ideas, we can always re-focus the
>> project.
>> >*3) Spam Web of Trust*
>> >I am currently going through this idea and would come back with some idea
>> >and method to implement it in the best way.
>> This, I think, would be a very useful way to spread information about
>> spammers that are more sneaky and manage to fly under the radar of
>> services like SLV or Akismet. I.e. they don't do mass-spamming but are
>> more focused (and no less annoying). There was some interest in this
>> idea at Barcamp Stuttgart last year, and I'm sure it could be of use for
>> users of other CMS / blogging software, too.
>> >I would like to contribute geeklog this summer if I get a chance
>> >through GSoC. If not, then still, I would remain in contact with the
>> >community to contribute in the best possible manner I can.
>> That would be great. New developers are always welcome - there's no
>> shortage of work here ;-)
>> So, welcome and we hope to hear more from you soon.
>> bye, Dirk
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