[geeklog-devel] Google Summer of Code 2009: Geeklog

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Mar 14 06:13:11 EDT 2009

Dirk Haun wrote:

>SWOT is intended to pass specific
>information around, while the other idea was to allow transfer of _all_
>the information from one site to another.

Thinking some more about this:

Suppose I'm setting up a new site. In that case, I would like to copy
over all the Spam-X data from one of my exisiting sites. So that's when
I would need a full export/import. After that step, I'll want to keep
the two sites in sync. That's where SWOT comes in: I'll set up SWOT
feeds on both sites and what is being filtered on one site will be
picked up by the other.

Speaking of SWOT: I guess I should be able to publish more than one SWOT
feed. Take my earlier example: I will probably want to publish a more
conservative feed which only lists specific spam(mers). And then I'll
have another feed for the more broad filters (e.g. block all of Comcast ...).

I was hoping Mike would chime in here - it's his idea after all. Mike?

bye, Dirk


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