[geeklog-devel] Bug 0000775 - proposed solution

Sean Clark sc1245 at messiah.edu
Sat Mar 21 18:08:04 EDT 2009

I've been trying to decide how to squash this bug
(http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=775), and came up with the
following idea. Could anybody could give feedback on whether this would work
/ is an acceptable fix (I'm still new to the inner workings of Geeklog)?

1) If I'm correct, all calendar links causing the Googlebot issue are
generated in /calendar/index.php. These links are all generated using

2) Creating a function that will tell COM_createlink to insert
rel="nofollow" (the fix) into all URL's if they pass a test would solve the
problem. This could be done by directly editing lib-common.php with a
conditional statement. 

3) Write a test. This will get the current date and time, compare that to
the date in the URL string, and change $attr_str to include rel="nofollow"
if the distance between the current date and URL string date is more than 12
months. The '12 months' could be represented by a variable that can be user
defined, but I'm not sure if there's a configuration option for the
calendars where this variable could be defined.

4) Insert an conditional statement COM_createfunction that will execute (3)
if the $url contains /calendar/. Without this step, the test will run for
every link created on the site, creating uncessary overhead. Using
/calendar/ is the best way I can think of to ensure this is being applied
only to calendar links, unless they universally have a $content that could
be checked (I didn't see one). 

Problem solved! Googlebot will see the rel="nofollow" that is put into all
calendar links with proper criteria, and ignore them.

If these sorts of things aren't discussed on this mailing list, my apologies
- I don't mean to irritate anyone.

- Sean  

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