[geeklog-devel] Bug 0000775 - proposed solution

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Mar 24 15:11:13 EDT 2009

Sean Clark wrote:

>This may seem like an idiotic question, but what are the templates and their
>connection to the calendar on Geeklog? 

The HTML for the calendar comes from the template files in plugins/
calendar/templates. They are basically HTML with a few placeholders for
the actual data. Some of those placeholders form links, though. Here's a
snippet from calendarweek.thtml:

<a href="{site_url}/calendar/index.php?

That looks like another link that should have the nofollow when it
points too far into the future. So the fix for this bug also requires
some template changes.

>Templates aside, I think I corrected the problem using the concept above as
>far as all links on calendar/index.php go.

Sounds good.

>of course leaving the 12 easily accessible for change to the
>desired value in the function.

Just FYI, we have the convention to stick configuration items into an
array. For the Calendar, that would be

>I'll wait to hear what these templates are
>before getting too excited...


bye, Dirk


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