[geeklog-devel] SoC 2009 proposal - OpenID 2.0 implementation with geeklog

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Mar 26 16:33:07 EDT 2009

Anshu Prateek wrote:

>The implemtation of OpenID 2.0 with a custom library is proposed. My earlier
>experience as SoC 2008 student with Drupal (OpenID Attribute Exchange
>Implementation) has given me an insight in the area.

That's certainly a bonus.

>Geeklog presently supports OpenID 1.2

Typo (just to be pedantic ;-), it's OpenID 1.1 of course.

>This library shall be modular
>and reusable and released under GPL.

And here I have to be pedantic: GPL version 2, please. With the "or (at
your option) any later version" clause. That's the entire point of the

>OpenID integration within geeklog would be implemented using php and MySQL.

That's a bit vague. The Consumer part shouldn't really need MySQL, just
a few API calls (see current implementation in public_html/users.php).
The Provider part needs a concept first, e.g. a nice and memorable URL
to use as the OpenID. Some more thoughts on that part would be welcome.

>5) Unit tests
>(week 11)

You may want to take a page out of Evgeniy's book and consider a test-
driven approach. In any case, testing should happen much earlier.

The times from the schedule sound about right otherwise.

Looking forward to the next revision :-)

bye, Dirk


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