[geeklog-devel] Meetups

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Nov 10 16:03:25 EST 2009

When Tony and myself met again at the Mentor Summit, we agreed that we
should try and do this more often, if at all possible (where by "we" I
mean any two or more of us Geeklog devs). Email, IRC, VoIP or whatever
simply can't beat a face-to-face meeting.

There is, of course, this tiny problem of distance.

So the idea is that we tell each other which events we're going to,
where we're travelling (business or otherwise). If we know of these
things well in advance, there might be a chance for a meetup somewhere.
And in case money should be an issue - well, we do have some money from
our sponsors, so if a few dollars can make a difference, we should
consider using them to make it happen. Because ultimately, I believe,
the chance to talk something out in person can help the project more
than a few more lines of code.

Not sure what the best way to organize such dates are, but I've set up a
Google Calendar and embedded it here:

The dates are a bit Germany-centric for now, obviously. As you can see,
there are some regular local events that I'm going to. We should list
similar events elsewhere, just in case one of us is in the area.

There's an International PHP Conference in Karlsruhe next week that I
could have gone to if I really wanted (too late now).

I plan to be at the ACCU Conference in Oxford again (in April). FrOSCon
2010 doesn't have a fixed date yet, but should be some time in August.

Another possibility for me could be ApacheCon Europe 2010, depending on
where and when it takes place.

Anyone else want access to that Calendar? Or is there some trendy Web
2.0 site just for this purpose that I haven't heard of yet?

bye, Dirk


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