[geeklog-devel] JavaScript, again

Sami Barakat sami at sbarakat.co.uk
Sun Nov 15 07:49:11 EST 2009

Dirk Haun wrote:
> Tony Bibbs wrote:
>> Now that all said, I still have to give you shit for using Lynx so much
>> still ;-)
> Yeah, I know. I really should be using Links instead since it can handle
> those fancy tables ;-)
For what its worth... I have just been reading an article on SEO [1] 
that uses Lynx as a tool to help robots crawl the site. So the fact that 
you are still able to use Lynx says a lot for the robot friendly-ness of 

As for which script library to go for, I have just implemented jQuery at 
the office and so far am very impressed with it, so +1 from me. But 
there is such a thing as going overboard with JS and when you put SEO 
into the picture it should mostly be used where robots wont see it, ie 
user settings, writing posts that sort of thing.



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