[geeklog-devel] geeklog-devel Digest, Vol 32, Issue 2

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Sep 3 16:15:23 EDT 2009

Michael Brusletten wrote:

>Yep...you can read the article here if your interested.  CNET now owns it.

I read MacFixIt daily, so I know that they've been aquired by CNET a
while ago. And it was only a question of time before the new owners
would get rid of Geeklog. Versiontracker.com will probably be next (not
a Geeklog site as such, but they borrowed our comment system for it).

Speaking of which: Glad to see the users are starting to miss Geeklog
features already:

>couldn't reply to your message directly as there is not a "reply to this
>comment" option on second-level messages.

Their new CMS only supports one level of nesting ;-)

bye, Dirk


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