[geeklog-devel] FCKeditor integration

geeklog at mystral-kk.net geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Fri Sep 4 01:21:28 EDT 2009

Dirk Haun wrote:

> Btw, CKEditor, the successor of FCKeditor, is now out in a stable version:
>     http://ckeditor.com/
> No, I'm not suggesting to switch to it immediately. But we should keep
> an eye on its development. Anyone willing to take a closer look? E.g.
> how easy (or not) it can be integrated into Geeklog?

It seems quite easy to integrate CKEditor into Geeklog, according to their
Wiki page
However, unlike FCKeditor, CKEditor doesn't seem to have its own built-in
file browser.  Instead, they suggest using CKFinder, which is paid

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