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To write the pluguin need not  known modeling language, only to have basic
knowledge of UML, If  someone plan to upgrade the generator must have good
knowledge of modeling with UML, the generator creates code in the templates,
these are developed using Xpand [1] this language is really easy to have a
few sentences (about 10), necessitating to develop other functions to
perform more specific tasks, these must be developed with Java and this
extensions are included in the generator, but I have developed these methods
(I've needed so far).

Knowledge transfer will be made during development of the generator, while I
am assembling the generator I will document this process and to begin to
build the generator from scratch anyone is interested in the generator will
understand quickly.

>From my experience I can contribute in the development of an excellent
generator and provide support until the appearance of a method in which I am
using obsolete.



2010/3/31 Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de>

> William Garcia wrote:
> >I already have a first draft of my proposal in
> >
> https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AXpOuYbg8051ZGNyM3NyaGZfNzdnZGI5emdi&hl=en
> Thanks. The idea is really intriguing.
> Here's something I don't quite understand yet: So the model for the
> generator is written in a modelling language. Who would need to know
> this language? Someone who wants to write a plugin? Or only those that
> want to update the generator?
> I have to look into this modelling language. My concern is that there's
> some special knowledge required to maintain this generator in the
> future. What would you suggest for transfer of that knowledge?
> bye, Dirk
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