[geeklog-devel] Static Pages Plugin and advanced editor

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Apr 30 11:45:06 EDT 2010

The Advance Editor is found under "Users and Submissions" and then the
"Submission Settings" section in the Geeklog Configuration.  The docs read
for this value

"Enable (if set to true) a WYSIWYG editor for story and comment submissions
and static pages. Geeklog ships with FCKeditor."

The docs do not mention using this as a default value for the post mode just
that it enables the WYSIWYG editor for submissions. This value also enables
the advance editor for admin, this is a different form than the "regular
editor" and it includes the FCKeditor as well as some other changes. The
docs should probably be changed for this to read something like:

"Enable (if set to true) a WYSIWYG editor for Story and Comment Submissions.
Also enables the Advanced Editor Admin form for Story and Static Pages.
Geeklog ships with FCKeditor."

If you want a config value for default post modes for the admin editors then
this should be a separate config value (one for stories and one for

BYW the spot to add a check for a default postmode for staticpages would be
put in the index.php file found under
\public_html\admin\plugins\staticpages\ around line 95


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I'm not sure if this is a bug, by design or something missing in my
configuration. When I create a new static page, it defaults to a Post
Mode of HTML formatted, rather than looking at the value of
advanced_editor in the gl_userprefs SQL table. A story on the other
hand, correctly looks at the gl_userprefs, and displays the FCK editor
by default for users that have it checked in their preferences.

I've been poking around in plugins/staticpages as well as
public_html/staticpages/index.php, trying to find where it's deciding
the selected value for Post Mode. When you edit a page that's already
been set to advanced editor, it pulls up the FCK editor by default, so
somewhere in the page it must be doing a query of the content of that
page in the database to determine what Post Mode to set. If I could find
that part of the code, it would be fairly easy to modify the query, if
it's a new page to look ato the gl_userprefs to get a default value.

Can someone give me some guidance that's worked with the staticpages
plugin before? I'm at a loss at this point.

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