[geeklog-devel] Static Pages Plugin and advanced editor

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Apr 30 16:17:57 EDT 2010

Samuel Leathers wrote:

>In the Users and Submissions -> Submission Settings, if I set the
>Advanced Editor to true, and save, it resets to false.

It shouldn't do that (and doesn't for me). Are you overwriting that
setting in your siteconfig.php?

>I wasn't exactly sure what this is supposed to do, since to get the
>advanced editor to work, you have to manually modify the site config.

Again, that's not what's supposed to happen. Please note, though, that
there are two options for the Advanced Editor now: The global setting in
the Configuration and the user's setting in My Account. The latter takes
precedence (obviously).

>As far as I can tell, it makes no difference if it's set to false, as
>long as advanced editor is set in siteconfig

You shouldn't set things in the siteconfig.php that are also available
in the Configuration panel.

Settings in siteconfig.php overwrite those in the Configuration. That's
a feature, necessary for things like root_debug (when you have an error
that prevents you from logging in and changing the setting in the
Configuration). But it shouldn't be used in everyday use or it'll only
cause confusion.

bye, Dirk


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