[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 1.7.1

Joe Mucchiello jmucchiello at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 04:15:20 EDT 2010

The GSOC Groups patch I made a few months ago? 

Other bugs/feature requests (with patches) I've submitted: 

I have no idea if the patches are still any good. I don't have a stock  1.7 
system to test against at the moment. 

How did GSOC go? The dev list has been very quiet this summer. 


On 8/7/2010 4:00 PM, Dirk Haun wrote: 

Okay, it's about time to bring Geeklog back from its summer vacation. With GSoC 
about to wrap up, now would be a good time for a 1.7.1 release before we start 
integrating any of the GSoC results for Geeklog 1.8.0 (scheduled for November). 

>The list of changes is rather short, but does include some useful bug fixes, so 
>I think it's worth it. 
>Anything on anyone's radar that they would like to see included in a 1.7.1 
>release (and that can not wait for 1.8.0)? 
>bye, Dirk 
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