[geeklog-devel] Twitter OAuth for Geeklog

今駒哲子@Geeklog IvyWe komma at ivywe.co.jp
Wed Aug 18 10:43:47 EDT 2010


OpenID and OAuth API don't send email to applications for security, usually.
Facebook is very particular case.

Now Geeklog needs password to edit profile.
But I think Geeklog should be alow null password.

Then password notification will be unnecessary.

In case of twtvite,
login user can add email, without password notification.

2010年8月18日7:40 今駒哲子@Geeklog IvyWe <komma at ivywe.co.jp>:
> Dirk,
> I see.
> /profiles.php?uid=XXX
> If the user have no email,
> Send Email  ->  (username)@openid
> This is incorrect.
> /profiles.php?uid=XXX
> This page should be ... example...

bye, Ivy

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