[geeklog-devel] GSoC 2010 is on

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Tue Feb 2 10:56:03 EST 2010

> The first project is to make the gl_groups table have a grp_owner
> number(8) and to get core to understand how that works. The
> grp_gl_core field would probably be expanded to include 2 = Hidden
> user group (for the system generated groups) and 3 = user group
> (which the user can create/destroy/modify at will). After that it is
> mostly interface stuff since the core permissions stuff doesn't care
> who edited the group just who belongs to it. I suppose some
> performance testing might be needed as the number of groups someone
> can belong to grows.

Good ideas.  
SO that brings us to the inevitable question: Should this really be an
extension of core or should this really be a social plugin base.
Due to Geeklog's innards as they currently are, an extension of the core
is the most likely route.
However I would rather see people be able to plug in functionality
rather than drag it along with them.

Going towards a hook based style of interface for other plugins to use,
the social plugin base could have the ability to front-end things like
the search for any plugin that requires social groups and security
around that plugin's content.

I haven't thought about this enough to think about how other existing
plugins could use a social plugin properly (that is, without having to
re-code an entire plugin). But having the ability for a plugin's
abilities to be additive to other plugins would be a start. You could
"enable" the social plugin for other plugins to use.  This implies a
"type" of plugin going forward that needs to implement the hooks
properly for other plugins to adhere to.  But I digress.....

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