[geeklog-devel] SOCNET

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Sun Feb 28 08:56:33 EST 2010

> Alert Notifications
> - I added a few other possibilities to the wiki. We do have a Core
> Notifications Service GSOC project which SocNet could use if someone
> takes
> it on.
> - Private Messaging Plugin could be used here as well. Either a
> modified
> version of Blaine's or a new one (beyond scope of project).
> - Alert Notifications should be coded for the possibility of another
> plugin
> handling the alerts.

The student's proposal should have something written in it fleshing out
the approach for messaging and how that can be handled cleanly.

> Javascript Library
> - Do we want this to use JQuery? For example dragging and dropping
> users to
> groups.

I guess this is up to the student.  I'd personally like to see some form
of upgraded UI managing how this app works for the end user as the
management of the plugin is probably going to be 80% driven by end
Jquery, YUI... doesn't matter to me really.  Since Geeklog doesn't have
a "standard" js library chosen, the ultimate solution should allow the
js engine to be swapped out preferably.
However I think for an alpha release, ajax could potentially be omitted.

> UI Controls
> - Should SocNet offer standard controls for other plugins to use. A
> simple
> example would be to display a group list.

You bet!  That is the responsibility of the socnet API.  Again, students
will have to think through how the socnet plugin will fire once content
has been POSTed to Geeklog.  The hook based architecture does that for


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