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Sanyam goyal goyalsanyam at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 23:46:50 EST 2010

 my name is Sanyam, I am final year Student of Computer Science department ,
IIT Bombay, india. I am interested in applying for google summer of code
2010. I am writing this Mail to introduce myself to the Geeklog.
 I have done quite a lot of work in PHP/Mysql .  My other skills involves C,
C++, JAVA, J2EE and javascript.
  My work involving PHP/Mysql was also appreciated on yahoo blogs
(search for ChoosY!, that is my product)
  I saw the idea page and really liked few projects/ideas like calender
plugin. Social networking support for geeklog software.

Kindly consider this mail as a sincere application to work with Geeklog in
 would be glad to answer any questions ..


Sanyam Goyal
Btech4,Senior UnderGraduate
IIT Bombay
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