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cordiste cordiste at free.fr
Thu Jan 28 16:37:21 EST 2010

>> students mostly only communicated with their
>> respective mentor and not a lot with the community

We could open a new forum in the "Developers Only" category's  to allow
community to follow the GSOC team.


2010/1/27 Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de>

> For those who haven't seen it yet: GSoC 2010 is going to happen[1]
> For us, that means:
> - Do we want to participate again?
> - If so, who's interested in mentoring?
> - And of course, we need some good ideas :)
> I've made some quick updates of the GSoC wiki page:
>  http://wiki.geeklog.net/index.php/Google_Summer_of_Code
> Mostly just moving the 2009 content out of the way. I've also added a
> link to a new Brainstorming page where we can collect ideas.
> Regarding mentors: I was thinking that maybe this year we could try the
> idea of having more than one mentor per student. At the very least, a
> backup mentor. In the past, students mostly only communicated with their
> respective mentor and not a lot with the community. So from the
> community's point of view, the end result came as a bit of a surprise.
> I was thinking that with additional mentors, there would automatically
> be more communication and that it could spread out to the community more
> easily. With a second mentor, there's a better chance of finding one
> who's free to discuss things, to try things out, or to reach out to the
> community for feedback. The backup mentor role may also be of interest
> for some of our former students who may not be comfortable with becoming
> a mentor yet, but are willing to help a fellow student get into the
> project.
> At least that's the theory. What do you think?
> As a consequence, I was thinking we should ask for less students this
> year. The two slots for AptitudeCMS are, obviously, gone anyway. But I
> was thinking that we should only take on 4 or even 3 students and
> instead concentrate on getting something from them that not only works
> by the end of the programme but something that's already in a state that
> it can be integrated more easily.
> bye, Dirk
> [1] <http://bit.ly/9hFpcb> - goes to Google Groups
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