[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-cvs] geeklog: Make sure we have {xhtml}, {site_url}, {site_admin_url}...

Rob Howard - KWFS rob.howard at kwfs.info
Thu Jan 28 17:09:28 EST 2010

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for your reply, I have deleted the functions.inc and replaced it with
the modified version again and it hasn't done it, not too sure what happened

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Rob Howard - KWFS wrote:

>I have updated the coding in plugins/polls/functions.inc and I now get this
>error when accessing my site 

What are you trying to accomplish?

>Fatal error: Cannot redeclare plugin_getmenuitems_links() (previously
>declared in /home/www/kwfs.info/V2/plugins/links/functions.inc:87) in
>/home/www/kwfs.info/V2/plugins/polls/functions.inc on line 85

So how does your code look like now around lines 85-87?

bye, Dirk


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