[geeklog-devel] Simple request for 1.7.1

Wayne Patterson suprsidr at flashyourweb.com
Wed Jun 2 06:49:51 EDT 2010

I'm working on a theme with its own block management but need some advanced
variables in blockheader/footer

I propose to check if the theme has the function as we do with the header
and footer functions in lib-common:

    $function = $_CONF['theme'] . '_startBlock';

    if( function_exists( $function ))
        return $function( $title, $helpfile, $template );


    $function = $_CONF['theme'] . '_endBlock';

    if( function_exists( $function ))
        return $function( $template );

I think it would be appropriate to let the theme handle any of the common
display functions if it needs to.

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