[geeklog-devel] Simple request for 1.7.1

Wayne Patterson suprsidr at flashyourweb.com
Thu Jun 3 10:16:14 EDT 2010

Sounds simple enough. I'm just a little wary of adding even more hooks
> into our already pretty complicated block handling code.
> What exactly are you trying to accomplish and could you not do it with
> the hooks that already exist ($_BLOCK_TEMPLATE and PLG_/CUSTOM_getBlocks)?
> bye, Dirk

This is a theme, not a plugin. A theme should be able to add variables to
its own templates.
In this instance I need a javascript friendly block_name (no whitespaces) to
assign a unique id to each block's containing div.
Playing with html5, css3, and

This is a simple change which could allow theme developers more freedom.

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