[geeklog-devel] Static Pages Plugin and advanced editor

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon May 3 14:03:33 EDT 2010

Samuel Leathers wrote:

>I changed it to use the $_USER value instead of doing the extra query.

Looks good, thanks. Note that I still haven't tried it ;-)

>Or better yet, since I'm using the mercurial repo is there some way I
>can have it generate a diff of the changes I've made so far?

Yep, that would be the easiest way: Remember that you have a fully
working repository, i.e. you can commit to it. You won't be able to push
back to our repository (you would need an account for that), but you can
send us your commit by using "hg export". Then someone with proper
access can import and push it.

The added bonus is that it would show up with your name and commit message.

This is explained on the wiki page about patches:

bye, Dirk


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