[geeklog-devel] Can't push. Need mercurial account?

Vlad Voicu vladvoic at gmail.com
Mon May 17 13:00:17 EDT 2010

> Well, I thought I'd try to push a small change to see how I get on and yes,
> I failed at it miserably. It looks like I need an account to push. And I
> guess it's reasonable enough not to let anonymous users upload code. So the
> question is: How do I get one?

You must be a serious contributor to the geeklog project to get an
account with push rights. If you push something that crashes geeklog
(I am not saying that you do) all developers will pull that version,
and that is a bad thing. So, you need some experience with geeklog.
Submit some successful patches, become an important part of the
community and I am sure that you will get an account with push rights
some day.

You always can open a bug in the bug-tracker and attach a patch, or
just submit a patch to someone that can review and push your change.
Is not recommended though to open a bug just for one line of
translation code. Find more lines that need updated and then open a
bug or submit your patch.


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