[geeklog-devel] Geeklog OAuth Update

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Nov 12 09:49:10 EST 2010

Hi All,

I just pushed the integration of the OAuth hack into Geeklog. 

All the configuration options to enable OAuth (and the required ids and
secrets for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) can be found under Configuration
-> Users and Submissions and the Users block

The PHP extension OpenSSL is required for OAuth. If you do not have this
loaded or are missing any config values then the OAuth login method will not

You also require more pear libraries which for now can be found in the
Geeklog OAuth hack download


Also read the readme.txt file in the hack for instructions on how to get
your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn consumer ids and secrets.

I have also updated the user settings page with a resynch option for OAuth.
The password fields are also now removed if the user account is from a
remote service.

Current Bugs
- Currently the Facebook Consumer Key in the configuration will not save
correctly. The config value is setup as text but it looks like most Facebook
keys are all numbers which get converted from (for example) 1325903980294642
to 1.3250398029464E+14. This problem can be temp fix by hard coding your key
($consumer_key) into the facebook.auth.class.php
- Resynching of Facebook account fails (not sure why yet as the others work)

Things I still need to work on.

- I need to finish the documentation http://wiki.geeklog.net/index.php/OAuth
- OAuth resynching contains duplicate code which needs cleaning up
- OAuth reauthentication
- Bugs

Things to consider for later.
- Resynching of other remote accounts like OpenId
- Reauthenticating of other remote accounts like OpenId




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