[geeklog-devel] Fwd: [geeklog-translations] Staticpages' english.php vs. english_utf-8.php

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Oct 13 16:01:22 EDT 2010

> Von: "LWC" <geeklog.nwo at neverbox.com>
> Datum: 13. Oktober 2010 20:26:57 Uhr MESZ
> An: geeklog-translations at lists.geeklog.net
> Betreff: [geeklog-translations] Staticpages' english.php vs. english_utf-8.php
> Antwort an: Translating Geeklog <geeklog-translations at lists.geeklog.net>
> english_utf-8.php was updated while english.php was not. I only mention 
> this because I assume they're managed by the same person. So please 
> update english.php too.
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Haven't checked this yet. In the future, if anyone is changing any language files, please either update english.php and english_utf-8.php or only english.php

The scripts to update the language files assume that all changes have been made to english.php and will copy them over to all the other language files (including english_utf-8.php).

bye, Dirk

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