[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 1.7.1rc1 & looking ahead

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Oct 24 01:10:41 EDT 2010

Am 23.10.2010 um 00:05 schrieb 今駒哲子@Geeklog IvyWe <komma at ivywe.co.jp>:

> I hope that we can select theme for iPhone and  theme for iPad at
> configuration panel.
> default theme:  professional
> <HTTP_USER_AGENT> <theme>
> iPhone( /iPhone/i ) toutch
> iPad ( /iPad/i ) touch
> docomo( /^(DoCoMo\/1|DoCoMo\/2)\.0/i ) mobile_xhtml
> Sotbank( /^(Softbank|J\-PHONE|Vodafone|MOT\-[CV]|Semulator)/i ) mobile_xhtml
> AU( /(UP\.Browser|KDDI\-)/i ) mobile_xhtml
> WILLCOM)( /(DDIPOCKET|WILLCOM)/i ) mobile_xhtml
> Windows CE( /Windows *CE/i )  mobile_xhtml
> and so on...

Yes, I think we should have something like this. I'm just not sure if doing it with user-defined regexps is the best way. But from the examples it looks like it's a bit more complicated than just grepping for "iPhone".

Does anyone have an idea how other systems handle this?

bye, Dirk

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