[geeklog-devel] Configuration tooltips

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Tue Apr 5 14:00:39 EDT 2011

Geeklogs New Configuration UI now includes tooltips for each config option
as long as a file gets returned from the function


Since the tooltips are automatically plucked from the actual document page
they need to follow a format close to how Geeklog and the core plugins
config docs are written.  Can we assume this as long as the document type
being passed is "config"?

I notice some plugins just pass a wiki page or something and don't even
differentiate between document types.

I would like to add to the wiki page something that tells developers that
for the config tooltips to work 100% of the time the page will have to be
formatted similarly to Geeklog config docs and an appropriate anchor will
have to exist for each config option.


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