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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
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Thanks for the input Vinny.


I do not plan to add sub topics (I am not sure if I have the time plus I
think a category plugin would best serve here). I think your tag style
backend describes best what I was thinking. Plus, if someone really wanted
to I guess they could simulate sub topics by using the many to many
relationships and making sure a story belong to all the topics it needed to.


I will come up with the db changes needed and review with everyone here
before I start coding.




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I had done some thinking on this several years ago. The most flexible design
I came up with is using "tag" style backend. Instead of having tid's
associated with stories, there would be topic_assignments (or some better
named...) table allowing a many-to-many relationship between stories (or
blocks, or plugins, etc) and topics.


I went so far as to also consider how to handle sub-topics. Easy way: you
could define topic relationships by having a topic separator (e.g. "-" or
"/") in the topic name. Hard way: create a hierarchal data structure in the
database (parent child relationship, or tree representation similar to how
comments are not handled). The latter design would allow more flexibility,
though the former would be significantly less work to implement.


Any change that modified the database would require quite a bit of work (as
my suggestion in the first paragraph would). If you end up going with any of
these ideas, I had thought out quite a bit more detail if you want it.




On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 14:31, Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net> wrote:

I have started to do a bit of research/work on my feature request about
allowing topics to be associated with other objects like staticpages, etc.


I was also thinking about (I haven't decided to tackle it yet):

- Allowing blocks to be assigned to one or more topics and not just one or
- Allowing stories (and other objects)  to be assigned to one or more

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions...


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