[geeklog-devel] Staticpage Plugin Updates

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Dec 23 15:47:27 EST 2011

Hey All,


I finished up on adding multiple topics to the staticpage plugin (which I
had lost part way through and had to recode about half of it . ugh, I hope I
got it all :-). I also updated the session code to now track the last topic
the user was in (if known)


Here is the summary of updates (and what else that needs testing)


- Sessions

                - Who's Online is tracked properly (anonymous users are now

                - Last topic is tracked (data stored in session table)



Staticpage Plugin

- Search

                - Staticpage by topic

- Menu

                - Staticpage menu item only comes up in topics it is
assigned to

- Staticpage displays the same blocks as the topic it is in. If last topic
not known then use default

- If staticpage is a centerblock it can appear in all topics it is assigned

- Only one entire page centerblock is allowed per topic (each language can
have one)




Things I still plan to work on:


1.       Tidy up topic code a bit more

2.       Add topic awareness to other things like story submission, comment
view and submit, etc.

3.       Start adding the changes to the Wiki

4.       Bugs from the new topic stuff

5.       Get that comment form feature implemented from Dengen

6.       Take a look at getting breadcrumbs into Geeklog (based on topics)
that supports the richsnippet search engine format (microdata)

7.       Check out rich snippet support for authors and see how easy that
can be added in for stories (and maybe other items for plugins)



I also just remembered about the web services.  I am not sure how things are
affected their as I have never used them.


Happy Holidays



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