[geeklog-devel] Our application for GSoC 2011

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Mar 5 09:09:08 EST 2011

Tom wrote:

> Well let's not drop the SPAMX one until we have flushed out some other
> ideas. :-)

Okay, I rewrote the Spam-X project proposal again for the third year in a row.

There's a bunch of thoughts regarding the install script on the "brainstorming" page, but they don't make for a coherent project (and most of them are small changes). Any further ideas to maybe make a project out of those?

Regarding the DB abstraction layer: Ignoring the question about which one to pick, the most obvious consequence is that we would have to maintain two layers then: the new one and the old one. Obviously, all those legacy plugins with no current maintainer should continue working. Are these DB abstractions layers even supporting this parallel mode? What if they're caching something that is then changed behind their back by some legacy code that uses the old API?

If anyone thinks these sorts of problems can be solved, then please go ahead and write up a project description.

bye, Dirk

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