[geeklog-devel] Our application for GSoC 2011

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Mar 5 09:31:40 EST 2011

>>Why not just go with Geeklog 2.0 for any new major caching and db

While I would hate to cut off older plugins I think this would be a better
decision than supporting 2 layers. We would give the community plenty of
warning and then do something similar as we did when moving from PHP4 to


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> Regarding the DB abstraction layer: Ignoring the question about which 
> one to pick, the most obvious consequence is that we would have to 
> maintain two layers then: the new one and the old one. Obviously, all 
> those legacy plugins with no current maintainer should continue 
> working. Are these DB abstractions layers even supporting this
> mode? What if they're caching something that is then changed behind 
> their back by some legacy code that uses the old API?

Could this not be accomplished by actually rolling a Geeklog v2.0 release
that would support PDO?
1.x branch would support the current DBs.  It's been years since GL2 was
even mentioned and finally renamed.  Why not just go with Geeklog 2.0 for
any new major caching and db enhancements?

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