[geeklog-devel] Feature freeze

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Mar 19 09:00:50 EDT 2011

Just checking: Is everyone happy with declaring a feature freeze for Geeklog 1.8.0 now?

I was hoping to be able to cram in at least the Geeklog side of the plugin repository project from Tim from 2 years ago, but ended up with a half-merged repository. Oh well, for 1.8.1 then.

Can everyone please check the roadmap page for 1.8.0 and either complete the outstanding feature requests and patches or push them to 1.8.1?


I'm doing some housekeeping in the meantime. The nightly tarball is now created twice per day. Would have preferred an even higher frequency, but the script to create it isn't so great and puts a lot of load on the server for a few minutes. Have to review that - maybe let Jenkins do it.

Btw, the nightly tarball includes both the Professional and the Professional CSS theme, but as discussed before we will only ship the old Professional theme in 1.8.0 (though slightly revamped with some new icons).

The language files should all be in snyc now. If possible, I'd like to avoid language file changes from now on so that the translators can start working on them soon ... Hmm, this reminds me that I spotted a hard-coded text string in a JavaScript somewhere. So maybe not quite cut-and-dried yet ...

Anything else?

bye, Dirk

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