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cordiste cordiste at free.fr
Sat Oct 8 05:51:58 EDT 2011

>> I could use some people to just double check that the topics work as advertised



2011/10/7 Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net>:
> Okay,
> I am going to be checking in the Geeklog Sessions update and part of the
> Topic update soon (next week sometime) so more testing can be done since I
> might have missed something. I also want to make sure everyone agrees with
> how the security, etc. works.
> The session changes include the ability to track anonymous users, and the
> who's online block now uses a column in the session table to track online
> versus offline users.
> The topic updates includes the ability to add a topic as a child to another
> topic. New fields in the Topic admin form include parent topic, hidden and
> inherit. New rules have been added to this form so admin's shouldn't be able
> to have the parent topic of a topic be the child (or grandchild, etc.) of
> the same topic. You also shouldn't be able to make your topic be a child of
> a topic you do not have access to.
> Admins are going to have to keep an eye on what topics are hidden and what
> security is set. If you remove read access for anonymous from the top topic
> then anonymous users will not have access to that topic only. They still
> would have access to child topics if their security allowed it (though these
> will not be displayed in the topics block since the path is broken). At some
> point we could add a checkbox to the Access Rights section to allow
> permissions to be set for child topics as well if checked and the topic was
> saved.
> The Topics block has been updated. It now shows the tree structure of the
> topics. Topics have several properties that affect them being displayed in
> this block. These are Security, if it is Hidden, and if it is a Topic for a
> different language. How it works is if the visitor doesn't have access to
> the child topic, or if it is hidden or in another language then it is not
> displayed. If it is not displayed then none of its child topics are
> displayed (even if the visitor would have access to the topic)
> Right now stories display in their topic but are not inherited (and no
> stories in multiple topics yet)
> Next up I will be working on getting the blocks from a child topic to be
> inherited by a parent topic when viewed.
> So once I have committed these changes and if you have a few moments I could
> use some people to just double check that the topics work as advertised.
> Thanks
> Tom
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