[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Block and Topic Updates

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Sep 26 11:04:15 EDT 2011

Okay so just so I can keep track of things.

My next commit will include:
- Specifying Blocks for one or more topic (introduces the topic assignments
table) (plus remove unique notice from black name since no check is done)
- Restricted the use of a few topic names (ie all, homeonly)
- Stories, Blocks, Topics and polls, calendar plugins will be updated to
take into account if group has been deleted. Group Ids of objects will fall
back to the plugins own admin group and if that is not found it will fall
back to the Root group.
- Calendar, Polls plugin blocks will be updated to be dynamic with full
security. To modify these blocks new configuration options will have to be
added that can be changed in the Geeklog Configuration (dynamic blocks do
not show up in the Block Manager). * Currently working on

I am also introducing 2 new files lib-block and lib-topic. Right now they
just contain a few constants and plugin related functions for dealing with
deleted groups. I expect to add more functions to these when I start dealing
with multiple topics for staticpages and stories.

Future commits will include:
- Updating rest of core plugins with group delete fix.
- Having core become more topic aware
- Allowing staticpages to specify one or more topics
- Allowing stories to specify one or more topics


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